What started off as an opportunity, snowballed into ingenuity. Watching TV shows turned from a source of entertainment to a source of much needed inspiration. Inspired by Donald Draper, we grabbed the first opportunity that fell in our laps and haven’t looked back ever since. The only thing left to aspire for is the mini bar in our office
(we solicit your help for that, pretty please?).

We started off as a team of 3 and within a year, we grew to 8. The last we checked, the Melwood family is 16 imaginators strong.
We always have room for more, if you’re interested.

  • Aravind S Nair

    Chief Executive Officer
    Pitch presentations and man-management are his fields of expertise.
    Organisational Management
    Account Management

    Personnel Management
    No time Management
  • Siby S Mathew

    Chief Operations Officer
    He doesn’t take the Company matters or The Beatles for granted.
    Operations Management
    Account Management

    Administrative Management
    Paying Salaries
  • P. S. S. Sandilya

    Creative Director
    He hopes his creativity will last much longer than his name.
    Strategy Development
    Visualisation & Brand Management

    Campaign Management
    Annoying people
Meet The
  • Vrinda Kumra

    Chief Community & HR Manager
    She commands everyone’s respect with her unquestionable work ethic. Also because she approves leaves.
    Personnel Management
    Training & Development

    Policy Development
    Approving leaves
  • Ashmita Dutta

    Business Development & Project Manager
    Her constant state of existence is part rage and part enthusiasm. However, that helps us in motivating people though it’s out of sheer terror at times.
    Forecasting & Analysis
    Training & Development

    Market research
    Writing mails
  • Farman Naushad

    Chief Content & Communications Strategist
    Quirky is an understatement. She has an inane desire to prove others wrong with strategic and calculated, fact-based attacks.
    Content writing & editing
    Research & data mining

    Content optimisation
    Asking questions
  • Kritika Madan

    Senior Community Manager
    Though she’s the youngest of the lot, her larger than life approach towards virtually everything belies her age. She ensures everyone is taken care of.You better not say no to her.
    Strategy & Execution
    Client servicing

    Organisational Management
    Planning parties
  • Pragya Tiwary

    Senior Content Writer - Hindi
    The newest addition to our team and the most experienced one at that. Who even studies Hindi these days? Well, she did. And now, we can claim mastery over Hindi as well.
    Content Development
    Translation & Transliteration

    Campaign Development
    Living dramatically
  • Niharika Nagar

    Social Media Manager
    If you strain your ears really hard, you’ll be able to make out what she’s saying. However, she does all her talking on the page. Win-win.
    Query Management
    Strategy planning

    Client servicing
    Getting photos clicked
  • Syeda Tanzeela Husain

    Lead Visualizer & Art Director
    Never afraid to stand up or speak out, her designs are always as firm and loud as she herself is. She is a master in the art of sketching and pouring life into inanimate figures.
    Graphic & UX/UI Designing
    Designing brand language

    Illustrative visualisation
    Eating Biryani
  • Sagar Mohan

    Social Media Executive
    As a Chelsea fan, half of him is plastic. Thankfully, his remaining half is sensible enough for all of him and shows in his love for all things social media. At least that’s the version we know.
    Research & data mining
    Ideation & Strategising

    Campaign development
    Making presentations
  • Abhay Isaac

    Social Media Executive
    Thanks to him, we have the blessings of our ‘Father Who Art in Heaven’. Unfortunately, blessings alone won’t feed us or him. Praise be to the Lord, he knows how to work around that on social media
    Query Management
    Campaign Execution

    Event Coverage
  • Prakhar Srivastava

    Social Media Executive
    Always up for an adventure, he seems dosed up on adrenaline and testosterone. If he had his way, he would install a treadmill at work. Fortunately, we don’t have funds for that.
    Campaign Development
    Event Coverage

    Campaign Execution
    Climbing walls
  • Mayank Mittal

    Social Media Executive
    Another new addition to the team. He loves to take the road not taken with people and leaves them in knots with his unnecessarily complex linguistic showmanship. He loves a knot on his head as well.
    Research & Data Mining
    Campaign Development

    Content Development
    Plagiarizing John Keats
  • Syed Azhar Husain

    Senior Photographer
    A part-time amateur footballer, his love for the sport is much louder than his words. As an expert photographer, he makes his photos talk on his behalf.
    Photography & Videography

    Whiling away time
  • Hasan Babar

    Digital Marketing Manager
    He has the distinction of being the tallest member of the team. People literally look up to him and he stands out in a crowd. He's also handy work-wise, which fits our requirement perfectly.
    Content Development
    Strategy Development

    Campaign Execution
    Reaching new heights
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Branding and Graphic Designing

Imagine Batman without his call sign. How would he know when he’s needed? Everyone, even superheroes, need branding. We ideate and create a story, a language, a brand which is always available, always in resonance and always in style, so that people in need of your superpowers always know what you do and how you do it!

• Consumer Branding
• Corporate Branding
• Event Design
• Brand Documentation/Manuals
• Brand & Content architecture

Social Media Management

Imagine not having a rock in the neolithic age. Why pulverise your prey with your bare hands instead of clubbing it to kingdom come? Not
having a strong and loud presence on social media in the age defined by social media is kind of the same. We will help you in reaching out
to your audience to ensure that all the tools available with you are optimally utilised and are constantly in the spotlight. Social media is the
language of this era and we know how to speak it fluently. Comprende?

• Communication Strategy
• Campaign Management
• Online Reputation Management
• Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

When the world is madly spinning on towards the digital age, not utilizing the arsenal available at your disposal is an absolute travesty. Imagine being…Arsenal. With your vision for your brand as our driving force, we will integrate design & storytelling to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities over the digital space. Also, it’s cool and totally worth a shot.

• Digital Branding
• Concept Creation
• Campaign Management
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Search Engine Marketing
• Online Reputation Management
• Email Marketing/ Mobile Marketing

Multimedia promotion

Whether India, America or Great Britain have enough talent or not, we know we have enough to diversify into creativity across platforms. You think simple campaigns are too mainstream? We agree with you. Imagine just playing with one toy throughout your childhood. That’s bonkers! Why not play with every toy that you have and also borrow a few others? Content needs to be consumable, however it may be presented. Let us make it consumable and edible at the same time.

• Interactive eBooks
• Animated Shorts
• Video Shorts
• Jingles

Mobile App Development

Nowadays, the phone is mightier than the sword. Imagine entering people’s lives without them getting a sniff of it. No, we’re not talking about breaking and entering. We don’t particularly recommend that. We’re talking about a mobile app. Let the app be funky, vibrant, easy to use and technology-driven. In short, let the app be made by us. Only if you want, that is.

Content Development

Content matters. Though what you say is extremely important, how you say it is what matters more. Imagine if George R. R. Martin or J.K. Rowling had all the characters and stories in their heads but didn’t know how to weave their stories. Give us the outline and leave the weaving to us. We’ll do the research, we’ll do the writing, we’ll burn the midnight oil and you sit back and reap the rewards. Just be sure to give us a portion of those royalties!

• Press Releases
• Blog Writing
• Web Content
• Technical Content Writing
• Newsletter Writing
• Case Studies

Website Design & Development

Having a website is like having an identity. You have made great strides to be where you are but what is the point if no one knows who you really are? Imagine being a poet for the ages who signs off as ‘Anonymous’. That’s almost criminal. Show the world what you can do. Let us show them that your story is what defines you and that you are anything but anonymous.

• E-Commerce Website
• Blogging Website
• Corporate Website
• Business Website