AI in marketing is no longer the future, it’s the present


The one thing that everyone is doing is playing games on their mobiles. I know of a family that has formed a legitimate Ludo tournament, with three generations battling each other in the game of luck. Needless to say, the gaming industry has seen quite a fortunate growth in the unfortunate times of the novel coronavirus. If you are in the gaming industry, you are most likely cashing in on the sudden inflow of consumers. Especially since you already know whom you have to market to – everybody!

However, that is not necessarily true. We know that the mobile gaming industry has shattered the stereotype of the primary demographic being young boys. In fact, 51% of mobile gamers are women. More importantly, women not only spend longer on a game, they also tend to make more in-game purchases.

So you decide to shift your focus to the women audience, and conclude that marketing your game on Instagram is the best strategy for your business. After all, it is the go-to platform for GenZ.

But that can be quite ineffective. According to a report by MMA Global, GenZ constitutes less than 15% of mobile gamers. The average age is 36.3, with more than 30% aged more than 45!

Essentially, your audience has shifted from young boys to middle aged women. From an advertising perspective, your entire marketing strategy changes. You don’t need to be a marketeer to realise that the same advertisement cannot cater to both a teenage boy and his mother.

I would have liked to tell you that you have now found the marketing solution for your gaming company. Unfortunately, that’s not true at all. Now that you have identified your primary target audience, you need to gather quite a lot of information to decide the optimum marketing strategy. Which social media platforms does your target audience access the most? On which websites do they spend their time? What is their purchase pattern? Which e-commerce platforms do they access the most?

Your marketing management does not end with these questions. Marketing is all about influencing behaviour of potential customers. To do so, we must first understand their behaviour. What keywords are most effective for your target audience? Which collaterals do they rely on the most? Is social messaging playing an important role in their decision of downloading mobile games? If so, what kind of social behaviour are they expecting from corporates?

If this sounds overwhelming, that’s most likely because it is so. It is nearly impossible for a human being to gather and analyse this information. Here’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in. In spite of the dystopian nightmare that AI has been presented as, it is quite crucial to your marketing mix. AI takes the insane amount of data off the Internet, and lets you use it to ensure that you reach the right audience, and provide maximum value to them. AI is your J.A.R.V.I.S.

With global trade becoming easier and competition increasing by the minute, businesses cannot avoid AI anymore. It is not science fiction anymore. AI solutions to marketing exist today, and the sooner your marketeers start becoming friends with this smarter being, the better it is for your business. If not for your business, AI is definitely working for your competitor’s.

About The Author
Ashmita Dutta

Ashmita Dutta

“Ashmita Dutta is a Business Development and Project Manager at Melwood Studios. Her constant state of existence is part rage and part enthusiasm. However, that helps us in motivating people though it’s out of sheer terror at times.”
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