Voice search can be the biggest marketing trend in 2020. Here is how?


The digital marketing landscape is evolving, with strong new trends emerging from time to time. Voice search is one of the prominent trends and is the future of online marketing. The possibilities for the future of voice technology are endless, and growing among consumers, which means that voice technology isn’t going anywhere. Just as smartphones and social media have become permanent in the digital world, voice technology is headed in the same direction. 

Everyone loves technology that saves time and is easy to use hence voice search fits perfectly. Brands are now focusing on innovative ways to create frictionless experiences for their customers. Communicating with devices using their voice, without the need to even tap a button leads to groundbreaking experiences.

Voice search radically changes the way results are provided to consumers. Unlike traditional web-based search, where many results are displayed as a list but voice search is all about the one best answer that adds to a consumer’s convenience.

Devices like Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri can differentiate amongst user voices, which can be further used for personalized marketing by different brands. It also takes less time than a text-based search for any user and acts as a huge convenience in terms of user satisfaction. So, if a business is looking for more visibility will have to eventually incorporate voice search technology. 

One such company is Whirlpool. They collaborated with Amazon to create a line of intelligent and voice-activated appliances that can converse with customers, answer questions, and even provide guidance about things like what ingredients a person should buy.

Users expect instant gratification nowadays and avoid scrolling through webpages to get to an end search result. This is where voice search steps in, where a user has more answer-focused voice search and relevant results.

Voice search is more conversational than text search, and it improves the user experience by being faster and more convenient, and provides more accurate results. This means that if the content on a website is optimized effectively, the business could be the first one a digital personal assistant suggests.

As technology is growing along with the number of users browsing the internet, it is important for businesses across the globe of all shapes and sizes to include a voice search strategy into their digital marketing strategy. Voice search is a fast-growing, convenient, and unpredictable trend.

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